Our Mission

Our mission is: to develop and utilize the world’s best environment-friendly energy safety technology to mitigate fatalities arising from fuel explosion or fire accidents.
Provoke the Malaysian home genie that tames the spirit of Vulcan- in Africa, “The Aexplo-fire protect Device”
We present a technology that offers safety protection that is absolutely compatible with all types of combustible, without altering any of its chemical properties. Identifying and procuring access to the best of new 21st century energy solutions and bringing them to Africa continent.
Providing technical expertise, technology transfer, and sustainable safety strategies, also to introduce K-System network marketing strategy in Africa.
Right now training and employments are going on in all our Stockist in Nigeria, the wonderful and vast human resource available in Africa to create job opportunity for African Youths and People who cares to work for a better future.
If you want to share the opportunity join us as a member by contacting us through our website or you may contact us through our international office address as stated in our website. we will bear the responsibility of training you through our K-system knowledge.