Our Objectives

To deploy within Nigeria, hi-tech units of Explo-Safety devices in a span of 3 months from September 2010.

To stimulate security revolution as “a new consciousness” and support the presidential rallying call on “energy safety” against transport hazards.

To help protect and guarantee absolute sustainable energy flow on targeted dwindling industrial sector.

To source Investment Opportunities for making “Explo-fire” work for the country’s oil sector.

To offer a platform for reduced OPEX for sustainable fuel storage and transportation projects in safety.

K-Link International Sdn Bhd Malaysia – introduces a new anti-fire/explosion green device that leaves all competition in safety.

The “Exploprotect”.

K-Link International Sdn Bhd in its drive to facilitate the implementation of its hi-tech and marketing objective, have authorized and mandated Aexplo-Fire Africa Ltd.(AFAL), with the sole responsibility of pioneering the promotion and marketing of “Explo-protect” in West Africa.

Aexplo-fire Africa Limited hence, is set within the leverages of its consent to.
Executive Summary

The prospect before Aexplo-Fire Africa Ltd. is enormous. Access to a new anti explosion safety technology out of Malaysia has guaranteed life.

AFAL Ltd is in key position to explode into the African marketplace.
This technology is well researched and presents extraordinary features not seen in past fuel explosion solutions.
First; the device is an anti explosion technology that guarantees safety through absorption of increasing kinetic energy that occurs in 1/20,000.00 of a second.
Explo/fire protect is the wave of the future, especially for the next couple of decades. There is tremendous market potential based upon the emergence of a safety technology that offers breakaway benefits.
As societies and nations become sophisticated on sustainable energy utilization and consumption, they will appreciate, a cut-edge break-through in safety technology that holds more promising future than anything our world community has ever experienced in the transport field; “the Xploprotect Device technology”.