K-Fuel Saver™ is a product from U.S.A. It is a multi-tasking fuel additive in tablet form that is suitable for petrol and diesel engines. This quality product helps to achieve economic benefit as well as being environmentally friendly.

1 tablet can treat 30 litres of petrol/diesel.

K-FuelSaver TM for Motorcycles is specially formulated for motorcyclists.

Benefits of K-FuelSaver TM for motorcycles :

Improves fuel economy
Increases octane & power
Genuine lead replacement stops “knocking & pinging”
Reduces smoke & emissions
Keeps fuel injectors clean & remove carbon deposits
Stabilizes fuel
Keeps fuel fresh
Faster start after storage
Safe in petrol
It comes in a pack of 10 tablets (0.125 gm each).

1 tablet can treat 5 litres of petrol.