Feminine hygiene is as important as personal hygiene. It is vital for women’s reproductive health. Poor feminine hygiene will lead to bad odour, itchiness, excessive discharge and even more serious gynecological ailments, affecting daily life as well as women’s health.

beauty3Nevertheless, to choose a right feminine wash is equally important too. Perfumed soaps or chemical formulated feminine wash could be harsh to the vaginal delicate pH balance and bacterial flora.

Introducing U-Fresh, a feminine hygiene wash with herbal formulation that not only helps keep intimate area clean and fresh, it can also help alleviate general menstrual and vaginal discomforts.
Why is  so special?
• Made from extracts of QuercusInfectoria (Manjakani), Piper Betel (DaunSirih), LabisiaPumila (Kacip Fatimah), PuerariaMirifica and garlic
• Produced to ideal vaginal pH
• Natural formulation and safe to use
• Does not cause burning sensation or irritation