Products – Household

K-EZKleen Liquid Laundry Detergent (HH 017)

K-EZKleen Liquid Laundry Detergent is specially formulated for penetration and cleansing of stains in fibre of clothings. It removes stubborn stains effectively, protects colours and is more concentrated than normal laundry detergent.

K-EZKleen Dish Wash (HH 018)

K-EZKleen Dish Wash is a premium quality dish washer that cleans tough grease stains on dishes and leaves them sparkling and shining. It can be sanitized in cold or warm water. Contains no harsh chemical ingredients. Mild and does not harm the skin.

K-EZKleen Floor Cleaner (HH 019)

K-EZKleen Floor Cleaner is an all-purpose premium quality liquid floor cleaner with added Pine Fragrance ideal for quick and easy cleaning on marble, granite, ceramic and other types of tiled flooring.


K-EZKLEEN TOILET CLEANER is suitable for cleaning toilet bowls, bathroom floor, bath tubs and wall tiles. K-EZKLEEN TOILET CLEANER helps to remove stain, unpleasant odour and kill germs, keeping the toilet refreshing & sparkling clean toilet!

K-EZKleen Green Multipurpose Cleaner (HH022) 

K-EZKleen Green Multipurpose Cleaner is a non-toxic, plant-based eco-friendly cleaner that breaks down oil, grease, fat, protein, algae and carbon dirt as well as helps eliminate bad odour, bacteria and surface rust. It is safe for family, pets and the environment.