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Products – UIE Products – K-Energy Creamk_energy_cream

The UIE K-Energy Cream was developed by scientists to treat various types of skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types and contributes energy and oxygen while providing transformation and balanced to the skin.

This cream is excellent for firming the face and body which helps to produce a radiant and youthful look. It also nourishes the skin, tones the body and prevents odour and athlete’s foot among others.

The UIE K-Energy Cream is a complete skin treatment to treat blemished skin, moisturize, nourish as well as help the body to replace dead skin cells, thereby enabling the skin to become clean and radiant naturally.


Products – UIE Products – K-Energy Black Jadek_energy_black_jade

Produced using superior quality black jade stone, the UIE infused K-Energy Black is used to improve metabolism, stamina and strength for men towards a better family life. This pure product of nature can also help the human body gain strength and power naturally.


  • Enhances metabolism
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Uplifts and sustains general well-being
  • Refreshes and revitalizes body condition to its natural state


Products – UIE Products – K-Energy Jade Ring

With the added advantages of UIE, which consists of the combined process of liquid molecule transformation and balancing of ions with oxygen and energy, the UIE K-Energy Black Jade Ring also aid the followings:

Chronic tiredness, general weakness and lethargy experienced by those who are overwok_energy_jade_ringrk or affected by excessive stress.
General health regression, weak upper abdominal and chest muscles in women improve when worn as a pendant with either gold or silver chain (for energy activity).

  • Wear UIE K-Energy Black Jade Ring around your neck as a necklace.
  • Use daily – day and night (24 hours).
  • Remove before bathing.
  • Exercise care as it is fragile and breakable.
  • Practice good hygiene with regular cleaning with water.
  • Observe usage life span of two (2) years from date of initial use.


Products – UIE Products – K-Energy Touch

K-Energy Touch utilizes the useful energy of the sun to help maintain the quality of health and life in general. With the advent of high technology, such energy has been infused into an unknitted cloth, sealed in a gold aluminium foil and covered by a unique plastic material for usage purposes.

The UIE K-Energy Touch has a variety of functions which includes:

Food and Drinksk_energy_touch
Helps retain freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, drinks and canned food and improve the quality and taste of food and drinks.

The Human Body
By placing the UIE K-Energy Touch on affected body parts, it helps to normalize organ functions and reduce aches and pain. The energy also assists in preventing unhealthy cells from multiplying.

Other Uses
Enhances the function of electrical appliances and the performance of gas stoves.
Absorbs bad odour or smells in the refrigerator.
Placed underneath the pillow for a good night sleep or sleeping comfort and recommended for insomnia sufferers.
Transform dangerous electromagnetic waves from household appliances to be harmless.
Also reduces tar and nicotine level in cigarettes.


K-DeepHeat Oil (UP 009)k_deepheat_oil

K-Deep Heat Oil is a specially formulated oil for temporary relief of joint and muscular pains, backache, stiff neck, cramps and minor sprains.





Products – UIE Products – K-Energy Stickerk_energysticker

In electrical appliances, the K-Energy Sticker’s main function is to help minimizes harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, televisions, computers, microwaves and etc which can be harmful to the human body.

Meanwhile in automobiles, it can help to prolong the lifespan of engine, help save fuel consumption, improves lubrication and lessen piston friction in engine, clean carbon deposits from the engine and fuel tank besides improving the car’s performance and minimizes air pollution. Also by using the K-Energy Sticker, the engine will run smoothly and powered to its best performance.